Manufacturing Services

EnzymeWorks provide the following services for contract manufacturing including enzyme production, fermentation to produce natural products and drug metabolites. In addition, we also provide contract services for organic syntheses from kilo-pilot to ton scale:

 Enzyme production from kg to ton scale
 Fermentation of chemicals up to 50,000L scale
 Production of drug metabolites at 5,000L scale
 Natural product biosynthesis via fermentation at 10,000L scale
 Organic syntheses of chemicals at 100kg to ton scale from reactors at 500L to 5,000L scale

We have in-house fermentors from 3000 to 10,000L, together with downstream processing facility for concentration, centrifugation, homogenization, ultrafiltration and freeze drying. The production center is divided into a number of units including super-hygiene strain room, kilo-pilot workshop, fermentation plant, DSP room and supplying systems. The center is well designed under EHS and QA/QC guidelines to make sure delivery of quality products, and has been audited by a number of leading companies in the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. 

In addition, we have chemical reactors for contract manufacturing from kilo-pilot (50-500L) to full production scale (1000-5000L).