How to Pick a Partner for Enzyme Development and Biocatalysis
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How to Pick a Partner for Enzyme Development and Biocatalysis

When more companies are realizing the power of biocatalysts, they can choose to develop their own production processes. However, without enough expertise in biocatalysis and efficient enzymes to choose from, the whole process will take a long time without the desired result.  

When it comes to pick a partner, the first thing in your mind should not be the price, but if there are trade secrets in enzymes, or if the sequences of enzymes are patented. As discussed in previous articles, you should avoid such partners who claim enzyme sequences are patented or there are trade secrets in enzymes.

Secondly, the partner has the ability to design a more efficient greener chemoenzymatic process. Many customers come to us with the existing process designed chemically, and our job is then to screen a particular class of enzyme library to find suitable enzymes. But our expertise does not stop here. Our core strength is actually to evaluate the existing chemical process, many steps before and behind, and then design a totally different greener chemoenzymatic route for the target product by integrating powerful chemo- and bio- transformations. In many successful examples we have developed, new processes are much shorter than the older ones to significantly reduce the costs of manufacturing by cutting out a number of chemical transformations especially with high or low temperature or pressure and avoiding usage of hazardous reagents or flammable solvents.  That is the power of enzymes and EnzymeWorks

The third comes to the biocatalyst platform. EnzymeWorks has the most comprehensive enzyme platform for dozens of different biotransformations. In comparison with other enzyme providers, EnzymeWorks still keep its ownership of all enzyme platforms, so our customers do not need to worry about infringing the third party’s trade secrets or patents because the enzyme platform has been transferred to a third party.  EnzymeWorks only transfer enzymes specially engineered for a particular chemical product of a customer, and never transfer an enzyme platform or kit enzymes to the third party.

The last but not the least the customer should consider is if the enzyme supplier can provide the one-stop service including customized enzyme production. EnzymeWorks has the largest in house manufacturing facility for enzymes using non-trade secret plasmids or vectors in absence of antibiotics and a dozens of cofactors in the industry, in addition to services for demonstration of scalable biotransformation processes as well as quality control of residual proteins in chemical products. 

EnzymeWorks strive to become the value-added partner for greener biocatalytic chemical manufacturing. We can save your time, shorten chemical processes and avoid the legal pitfall in applying enzymes for chemical synthesis.  

Partnership for enzyme development and biocatalysis