Response to Codexis news release
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Response to Codexis news release
August 11, 2017 01:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

SUZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In response to a recent inaccurate press release by Codexis regarding the case Codexis, Inc. v. EnzymeWorks, Inc., Case No. 3:16-cv-00826-WHO (the “Case”), EnzymeWorks and Alex Tao, Ph.D., make the following statements:

As the discovery is approaching the end in the Case, Codexis has not provided any valid evidence to support its claim that EnzymeWorks or Alex Tao stole its trade secrets on plasmids or breached any contracts. EnzymeWorks expects to recover a substantial amount of attorney fees from Codexis for its baseless misappropriation claims. Dr. Tao expects to recover both cost of suits and attorney fees from Codexis for its meritless claims against him individually.

As for the patent infringement claim, because the actual sales of the accused enzyme kits are only a small percentage of the potential legal expenses for defending such claims, EnzymeWorks has chosen not to contest the patent infringement claims and made an offer of judgment. Accordingly, EnzymeWorks has recently entered a stipulation for a summary judgment on the patent infringement claim. There is, however, no evidence for willful infringement. Because its offer of judgment is more than sufficient to cover the damage awards for the patent infringement claims, EnzymeWorks is expected to recover cost of suits from Codexis for the patent infringement claims. Both EnzymeWorks and Dr. Tao may also sue Codexis and its CEO John Nicols for defamation and trade libel for their improper press releases.

About EnzymeWorks: EnzymeWorks is world renowned for enzyme development and contract fermentation including enzyme manufacturing and production of cofactors such as NAD, NADP and UDP sugar series. Members of its management and research team have filed over 100 patents and received numerous industrial honors and awards in the field of biocatalysis and biomanufacturing.

About Dr. Alex Tao: Dr. Tao, with his advanced education in both chemistry and biology, has nearly 20 years of industrial experience in biocatalysis for green chemistry and chemical manufacturing. He has received several international honors and awards, contributed to over 100 publications, and co-authored 15 widely-used books in these technical fields, including two pioneering treatises entitled Biocatalysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biocatalysis for Green Chemistry and Chemical Process Development.

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